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Natural Laundry Powder (Refresh)

Natural Laundry Powder (Refresh)

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Our Natural Laundry Powder is powerful at removing stains and odours while remaining gentle on the earth. The Natural Laundry Powder uses plant-based ingredients and revolutionary biotechnology to kill 99% of germs naturally, for cleaner and softer laundry.

Good to know

Our concentrated formula means that you just need to use two teaspoons per full load, making it a cost-effective alternative to traditional laundry powders. The formula also helps clean your washing machine and prevent mould build up each cycle, helping you save time.

✓ Contains no synthetic fragrances or color brighteners
✓ Suitable for both front & top-load machines.
✓ Septic-tank safe
✓ Scent notes: Pine, bergamot and eucalyptus

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Septic Tank Safe

100% Natural Formula


Palm Oil Free

Made for ultra sensitive skin

Wash with peace of mind knowing our all natural laundry detergent has a No Nasties Guarantee. Every single ingredient is verified against EWG cleaning products standards to ensure it is 100% non-toxic and will not irritate your skin.

No Bleach
No Ammonia
No Artificial Fragrance
No Dye

Tried, Tested, Proven

Independently lab tested and proven to outperform Australia’s best laundry detergent.

✓ Kills 99% of germs

✓ Removes Odour

✓ Naturally Effective

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Just 2 Teaspoons

Our 8x concentrated natural laundry detergent offers 47 washes per pack. With our low cost per wash promise, you save money just by washing smarter.

We Put In What Matters And Take Out What Does Not.

Our formulas are packed with 100% powerful actives, 0% fillers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your laundry powder grey water safe?

Yes they are!

Is your laundry powder suitable for top and front load machines?

Yes they are!

What is the recommended dosage?

For a standard load of washing, we recommend 2 flat wooden spoons (or 15g).

This is based on an average load in a 8.5kg front loader washing machine. Top loader machines, especially older ones, are generally larger and use more water than front loaders.

Our powders are formulated as a concentrate so a little goes a long way. Don’t be tempted to overdose.