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Miracle Stain Remover Duo

Miracle Stain Remover Duo

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This duo set contains:
Miracle Stain Remover (700g) x 1
Clay storage jar x 1
Wooden spoon x 1

Our Miracle Stain Remover is powerful at removing stubborn stains all around the home. Use it in your laundry to remove tough stains and odours, on your grout to whiten and brighten, on your carpets to refresh and even to clean your toilet!

The Miracle Stain Remover uses 100% natural ingredients and contains no bleach, ammonia, dyes, and fragrance. It’s gentle on sensitive skin and the planet.

This duo contains the Miracle Stain Remover, a forever clay jar and wooden spoon.

*Always patch test in a small hidden area.

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  • Cleans grouts & removes mould

  • Removes stains and
    whiten fabrics

  • Removes stains on carpet & fabric sofas

  • Easily clean burnt pots

No Nasties Guarantee

Packed with biodegradable ingredients that delivers a superior clean without any harmful chemicals. A safe and effective stain remover for all of life’s messes.

No Bleach
No Ammonia
No Artificial Fragrance
No Dye